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About Us

Tales on Silk – Your destination for wearable art

Tales on Silk is a labour of love of a culture enthusiast, who wants to showcase her interpretation of the wondrous arts of her land to the world. The effort is to create contemporary pieces of wearable art for the collectors of this century.

We started the brand with a focus on the art form of Gond. The motifs in the collections are an interpretation of this ancient tribal art form. The Gonds are among the largest tribes in India and can be traced back to the pre-Aryan era. Their technique revolves around creating texture using pattern. This pattern is created via short brush strokes and dots, giving it almost a 3D effect. We have created our prints to represent our interpretation of this beautiful painting style.
We have been stocked alongside contemporary brands such as Acne & Avelon. Our styles have been sold both as apparel & art, which makes us very proud, in that, our customers see us as a wearable art destination.