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TEFAF 2018

Established in 1988, TEFAF is a world renowned organization of fine art, antiques, and design. TEFAF runs three Fairs — TEFAF Maastricht (our home town), which covers 7,000 years of art history; TEFAF New York Spring and TEFAF New York Fall, covering fine and decorative art from antiquity to 1920.

We have been visiting TEFAF since several years now. We have found that it is an exceptional opportunity to view an open museum with rare pieces that would normally be behind a security glass. Moreover, where would one find the possibility of viewing Renoirs, Van Goghs, Monets which are actually on sale.

TEFAF 2018 

Maastricht has been hosting TEFAF for 30 years now! And for 30 years, Ten Kate flowers & decorations have been providing the exceptional flower arrangements that can be seen right from the entrance to various spots within the fair. This year, the arrangements involved flowers in test tubes suspended via almost invisible wires. They made for a stunning

The fair is open to public and many private collectors purchase pieces from the fair. The exhibitors put in a lot of effort to create breathtaking stands, like this stunning booth put up by a gallery showcasing oriental pieces such as chinese vases, tables as well Louis XVI oak panelling.

The best part, you can ask any question you want about a particular piece. The gallery personnel will happily tell you everything about it including the price — if it is not listed that is.

This is how we found out that the Chagall here (below) was on sale for 1.25mil euros. There were atleast 3 Renoirs on sale at this gallery. 2 of these you can find below.

Top to Bottom: Sisley, Chagall, Renoir (both)

Price negotiations are also absolutely normal, however, once a piece is sold, the dealers will not disclose the price at which it was sold.So,we could not find out the price of these 2 VINCENT VAN GOGH’s, since they were already sold out. There were a total of 4 on sale this year.

Vincent Van Gogh’s on sale

There is something for every art enthusiast here, from Dutch masters, classical art to modern art & antiquities as old as 600 BC. The fair can be quite overwhelming when viewing such important art works, but it is certainly the highlight of the spring calendar for TalesonSilk.

These are some other pieces that caught our eye

Top to bottom: fabric made from bottle tops; A piece made from cut paper with intricate details of faces; antique horses
Top to bottom: A surrealist artwork, Kees Van Dongen 
So, if you fancy yourself a piece of art, do not forget to visit TEFAF next time. In the meantime, we have plenty pieces of art for you here and you need not spend a pretty penny for them. 
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